First Destination Wedding

This wedding is for sure one I will always cherish as it was the first wedding I get to travel out of state for. I didn’t know this bride personally and it was actually the groom that messaged me. I didn’t know the groom that well but his brother was in our wedding and is still a very close friend. I am always honored when I see a message asking me to take a couples wedding photos. Kamei and Mitch had just moved to Montana within the year and the best part was it was the part of Montana all my family is in. So this means I was double excited to take their wedding photos because I get to travel and see my Montana Family. We decided to make a long weekend of it so I could spend some time with my sister. We stayed in a little hotel in Livingston, MT across from Albertsons if you know the town. We were able to go to dinner with my sister and brother in law the day we got in which was I think Thursday. Friday I hung out with my sister most the day and left the hubby and the dog in the hotel room. The dog had some issues right before we left for MT so we just brought the little guy. Then after my sister and I were done doing stuff we all went to the casino and ate more food. If you haven’t been to Livingston Montana well every gas station, restaurant and all bars all have slot machines so I guess in turn every place is a casino.


Saturday was the big day. As a photographer getting there before everyone is just part of capturing all the special moments. This was another great opportunity for my husband to practice flying his drone for wedding videos. Getting ready for the big day is sometimes some of the best pictures as the photographer hiding the corner of the room is the last thing on your mind. Kamei got ready is a separate building from where the people gathered for the ceremony so that made it nice and easy to do the “first look” this first look has to be my absolute favorite (featured photo)! The way it turned out with using the corner of the building and the lighting was just perfect. Soon enough people started arriving everybody rushed to there places and before you know it she was walking down the aisle to her future husband, everything was perfect and she didn’t see anybody but him. The ceremony was nice she surprised Mitch by having his brother sing “The Song” that means so much to them both. After some nice words had been said and it was you may kiss the bride just like that they are married! All the hard work she put in all year planning for this special moment and well now it’s time to party! Everybody ate and drank and ate some more. We stayed until it was dark, everybody was gathered around the camp fire when we left. That night I remember getting back to the hotel and thinking to myself today I got some really cool photos. These photos will always stand out to me also because as they are a different style due to being in Montana so I believe it creates a totally different look then some of my Washington weddings. I couldn’t have asked for a better long dirt road that for sure. Kamei and Mitch it was a such a great day Thank you for allowing me to record this special moment in your lives. I wish you nothing but the best in this new adventure called marriage!! Enjoy


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