Best Backyard Wedding Ever!

This day was something special to remember is for sure! Monica is one of my closest best friends. We went to different elementary schools but in 7th grade we became friends. The best thing yet was she lived across the street from me but not a normal street a very busy 4 lane road. We got into so much trouble as 2 growing teenage girls. So I was super excited when she asked if I could do her wedding photos but always nerve wracking as well. Knowing Monica she would be a laid back bride but you know sometimes that little thing can make you go well you know he-he….I wasn’t worried Monica is goofy, genuine, funny and beautiful and well we have been friends for OMG 20 years!

I showed up early of course and this was the first wedding my husband David was able to bring his drone and fly it around and get some wedding video for me to play with. Her backyard has never been more perfect! They have completely overhauled the backyard to the best setting for a small wedding. Her now husband Alex Jr. put in a lot of hard work him self building decks, hanging lights and so many other little details to get ready for this wedding. Monica and the girls got ready upstairs in “MOMS” bathroom while Alex got ready downstairs in his bathroom. We did first look on the front porch and then started the family photos and photos of just them along the nice green hedge. Then soon enough people started showing up and she needed to hide. I went on to taking pictures of the family and friends arriving. Now, it was time she started walking and well everything else just didn’t matter she was getting her happy ending that she so very much deserves. The ceremony was short and sweet her Brother in law said some really nice things about life and about being married and just like that you can kiss the bride!

Lets get this party started and by that I mean where is that “TACO BAR” OMG I saw the lady set up and the meat was like 3 feet tall. These are real authentic tacos with the secret recipe we cant have he-he Dave was able to bring out the Drone Before people arrived and after so there is some behind the scenes and also some from during the wedding video. Everybody mingled and we did some more photos as more family arrived. It was the perfect day for Monica and I’m so glad I got to play a part in it. There is a lifetime of memories to be made and well many many more family photos in the future. I love you and your entire family from the top your super funny Dad Phil all the way to the newest addition baby Alex III and everybody in between. Next you guys will have to come out and hang with us so Alex Jr. can fly the drone. Congrats again!!

268779163SP_ (5)

Monica and I with 20 years of friendship. Thanks to my husband I ended up on the front side of this picture!!

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