3 Sisters

This shoot had been planned for months. I work (full time job) with these 3 beautiful girls mother and she really wanted some new large canvas prints to hang on the walls of their home. All of her daughters would be home for the holidays.

We decided on my favorite park in Kent, WA. 


Fast forward to the weekend of the shoot (which was Sunday) and of course I caught the dreaded flu bug. So I sat on the couch and did nothing all day Saturday just trying to feel better there was no way I was cancelling on her.

  1. This had been planned for months and one daughter was in from out of state.
  2. I was excited!! I hadn’t really done much with the camera lately a hobby I still love!

We originally planned for late afternoon not best lighting but it works…well plans changed and we decided for 10 am it ended up being the most perfect morning at the park. That morning I woke up and wasn’t feeling better but wasn’t feeling worse either so got dressed and bundled in 3 hoody sweatshirts and a coat. It was so cold out being it was the middle of December. They pull up and get out wearing super outfits: sweater, coats, scarves, heels, holey jeans 🙂 I didn’t hear one complaint or hear them say burr it’s cold such troopers. They even laid in the frozen grass at the end because mom asked. Out of this group of photos I definitely have a few new favorites! You could tell these 3 were close they laughed, joked and did what sisters do! Oh and the jumping photo was all moms idea it took a few times and a little magic but I love how it turned out.

All in all the photos got taken and I got better. I love the feeling knowing I gave them family memories to hang on the wall. You are only that old for 1 year and that year goes fast make sure to enjoy it and remember it. Thanks for reading!

When sisters stand shoulder to shoulder, who stands a chance against us? ~Pam Brown



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