Crystal Mt. Hike/Disc Golf

A couple of weeks ago we decided it was to nice to just stay home. The guys wanted to play disc golf and bring the dogs. I have played the lower course but never the top course. To get to the top course you have to hop on the gondola and take it all the way to the top of the mountain it was a pretty cool ride. Once you get to the top you are in for a surprise. Such natural beauty and how could you get a better view. We grabbed some lunch before we started from the restaurant they have at the top. From there we followed our map off to around the corner to there first hole. That’s when I saw this…

Mt Rainer



I did not play disc golf this time, I usually do but I only play with one disc and didn’t want to chance loosing it on the mountain. So I tagged along and took pictures of whatever I felt like. The hike was all down hill and it really took a toll on my right knee but I just took my time and enjoyed the view. I always love taking photos of the dogs if you are patient you can sometimes get them at the most perfect moment when you can truly just see how happy they are. This is Cash!

mtcrystal cash

This is Judo! Morgans Dog.


All in all it was a good day thanks for reading.





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