Missy & Brian

These 2 I think have beat all odds! When you meet that someone and you just know you have to follow your instinct and go where your heart takes you. Missy met Brian at a Harley Davidson Conference out of state. Her first thought was long distance never works out right? These two stuck it out and now they are planning a wedding and she has moved to Washington State all the way from Maine. Missy has 2 kids Makayla & Jonathan while they were only here for a summer break they will be moving over once the school year ends.


We decided to take the photos at Lake Fenwick in Kent. It was such a beautiful evening. I got there a little bit early as normal but when I got there I found out that the walkway I planned on using that went over the lake and into another little area was closed off for safety reasons. I assume that the floating bridge is old and needs to be replaced. So I wondered off to the other side. It was perfect you could still see the lake and I found these cool cement stairs kind of hidden in the back corner of the field. I think this family wins my best dressed award for sure! There outfits match but not overmatch they blend well and the colors pop great against the trees and bushes. I Look forward to seeing you at HD!

Congrats again Missy & Brian!!




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