Baby Alejandro III

My Best Friend had a baby!! I took her maternity photos awhile back but never blogged them not sure why but they have become some of my favorites. I took her maternity photos in her living room and her backyard. We have been friends since the 7th grade and have been through a lot together. I am so happy she got her happy ending! She already has one amazing, smart and beautiful daughter that is 11 years old which makes for one protective older sister. Here are a few of the maternity photos I took a few months back. Monica is truly beautiful with such a funny, caring, genuine soul.

April 7th 2016 was the big day! We decided to do the newborn photos when she got home and was more settled. When you are in the hospital it is like a revolving door and you never get any rest. As I was a newborn photographer at a hospital for a year. It taught me so many things number one was patience. I went over to Monica’s house  Sunday after he was born. He was the most perfect baby he slept through everything it probably helped we cranked the heat up to 80 degrees in the room ha-ha. I like to keep it simple with maybe a few little touches.  We did the photos right in her bedroom since she had these huge windows that let in all this natural light. I was still amazed how he just slept through the whole thing even while moving him he just slept. I am excited to watch Baby Alex grow up into an amazing person that I know they will raise him to be.

Congrats again Monica & Alejandro!!



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