Kelsey & Jayson

I love when family asks me to do photos for them. It is a win all around. I get to spend one on one time with family as well as take my time and try new techniques that I have learned. Jayson lives up in Canada and we decided to take the photos at the same location he proposed. My husband and I picked up Kelsey and headed up to Canada that Saturday morning it was about a 2.5 hour drive to get there and we have planned to stay the night and leave Sunday. I figured since we were driving up to this special location might as well plan to take the photos around sunset. Before we headed out to the Mountains we stopped at this little vintage store called Art Knapp it was such a cute store it had a little bit of everything and that it where I found the round crystal knob. I took this course online and needed to find a crystal to hold out in front of my lens which will create a hazy magical look.

It was a little bit longer of a walk then expected but oh so worth it. We started right where he asked the question that she said yes too! After we did a few different things above we headed down to where we wanted to be for sunset it was called the Dike. It was so pretty you could see all the mountains along with this huge open field. It was just as I imagined. As we kept walking along the trail this long road was off to the right I love vacant roads the long lines give something to the photos I wanted to try some new things first I wanted to find good flare from the sunset check. Then I had my husband hold the crystal out in front of me I couldn’t really see it but I just kept taking pictures I didn’t want to miss golden hour! Well the sun had just about gone down and it was time to head back as we are walking along the trail back by the blueberry farm we saw 2 cub bears out in a distance field on the other side of the blueberry farm. I took a pictures of them of course then we kept our course back to the car. We took a few more pictures at this cool bridge and changed into the Seahawks gear yes even Joey the dog had a jersey and took the last group of photos. That was it we were done easy and fun!

On Sunday we went to the beach for a little bit and that is where I got to take some photos of just Joey! He is just so cute and listens so well.  When you say the word treats he sits pretty and just looks at you like yes please. There were some photos planned to have Joey in them then there are some he just wouldn’t get out of the frame so I just said the magical word TREAT! I love Canada and it was great getting to know Jayson more can I just say Welcome to the Family Jayson! (well almost 9-4-16). The Featured photo (very top) is the photo that you can see the effects of the crystal we bought earlier. All the little sparkle dots above their heads is the effect it gave. I like it mixed with the sun flare. I see many more trips to Canada in our future it is so beautiful great hiking and photography opportunities. Congratulations again Kelsey & Jayson.




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