These pictures are from when my husband and I went to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico this last Feb. I am sure I will blog about many things from that trip as there was so many great extrusions. On the way to check-in is when we first saw the peacocks there is a total of 4 peacocks on the resort. Out of the week we spent there I would say we ran into the peacocks a handful of times. Pecking around in the bushes, hopping up on balconies or just walking on the sidewalks. We were waiting to leave for the airport just sitting there doing nothing and we had about another hour until the taxi came my husband says the peacocks are over there across the cenote I take a look and yup there they are. I grabbed the camera and said I will be back. When I got there nobody was in the area so I just followed them for a bit watching and taking pictures. They are a strange amazing animal. 1 of the 4 had the long colorful tail which means 1 male and 3 female. So these photos are of the male peacock. peacock3 copy

This close up of his tail I think is so cool I see it as a background on computer or phone. So detailed, so colorful. I was thankful that I was able to get this close and he didn’t run from me. It was a great end to an amazing trip to Mexico. Thanks for reading!

peacock2 copy


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