Well it all started with an Aunt Lexie can we do summer and winter senior photos? How could I ever say no when she is my favorite photo subject such a natural and I love spending the time with her.

The Summer photos I took back in September while we were house watching my in-laws place in Covington so while on my way to work I like to scout for new picture locations to try. I passed this newish Covington Community Center Park and this huge field with tall hay grass it was perfect for us to wonder around. I had plugged in the extra camera battery to make sure I had the fully charged back up battery. We always like to take advantage of the golden hour it just makes for the perfect lighting giving this soft look. She got to the house about 5pm and looked cute in her flannel shirt and boots! We took the 5 min drive to the park nobody was there which I like. We get started in the tall hay grass which seems to be her style because when we did her Sweet 16 pictures on the hill it was kind of a similar look but short hay grass. The one of her laying in the grass has to be my favorite of the summer photos. We used the black fence, she sat on the curb, laid in the grass well right about now is when I needed to switch batteries but oh crap it is still plugged in the wall back at the house aghhh again we are house sitting so I wasn’t in my normal routine. So we take a few more shots pile back in the car because remember every second counts in the golden hour! I run in grab the battery and we choose to go to the elementary school 2 min away that we just passed on the way back to the house. It was an all brick school so we thought that was pretty cool. We only had but 10 min of light left take a few pictures and just like that Summer pictures are done.


The winter photos she picked the location which was at this new park I found and I had also just done Megan’s Senior Photos a few months back. It was cold and she had a few different out fits to change into this time so we picked warmest to coldest clothing order. I had this idea right before we left probably an idea from Pinterest ha-ha I asked her want to take some pictures down at the library a couple inside and then some on the outside she said of course sounds fun! This was a brand new library right in the heart of downtown Renton it actually sits over the river really cool. We did some inside in an empty isle and then went outside but it was just so cold because of the water running beneath us we decided to leave and head to Clark Lake Park. This time she had to work at 5 so we started a lot earlier in the day. There will always be people at this park is it far to big and beautiful to ever be empty. We found more tall grass and decided to sit and do some close up in the grass again might be one of my favs. I wanted to try something new we put the fuzzy hood up and with the dark trees in the background makes for a cool photo I think! Then she changed into this cute skirt/sweater combo as we headed for the dock and the other half of the park. We made it to the dock and she wanted to use her tassel in a few pictures well as I turn around to look at it she drops it and it falls in-between the boards onto the top of the frozen lake we fished it out but if it had not been frozen she would have been in the lake ha-ha. I wanted to show the winter weather even though we did not have snow a little bit of frost helped us with that. Then we came across this tiny flowing river and a log that had fallen just asking for her to sit on. I jumped right in the middle of the river on a rock and just like that another of my favorites was created! I took this session the day before I was leaving to California for a week. I hate letting photos sit but it was going to have to wait and I will say it was worth the wait! I can not believe she is gradating this year I have been there since she was born and now she has blossomed into this crafty, book smart and also has a love for photography young woman and I cant wait to see where this crazy world takes her.








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