Space Needle

Happy Holidays everybody! I know it has been awhile so here are a few from a personal day with my family on 12-23-15 that was visiting from out of state. I was playing tourist in my own city. It was a gloomy day but at least it did not rain on us. I am glad we were able to make these memories with my little sister and her family. She moved to Montana about 5 years ago met her husband and created a family she decide to come home for Christmas I was so happy. I truly don’t remember the last time I had gone up to the top of the Space Needle. I think this picture shows cases the Needle as what it is there are no fancy clouds or sunsets or anything but the needle it is an amazing piece of architecture when you think about it.


Before you head up in the 41 sec elevator ride up they have a photo area set up so we took a group picture with the 5 of us. We got to the top and WOW you can see the whole city!  It was so so so windy on the top outside on the deck and as you can  see in the next picture it was gloomy and sprinkling but I thought it was cool to see the cables in the picture a different point of view. I have pictures without the cables but I think this one is just fun and shows the truth.

Top of SN

We headed back down to the bottom which put us in the gift shop of course ha-ha. Remember that picture they had taken of us I was able to pick any background I wanted and have it emailed to me. I thought this was a very nice feature they have included so of course I had to buy a frame and just like that we did the Space needle. Here is the picture the Space Needle took of us and the background we picked we all wanted the 12th man flag in the background. Go Hawks!


Headed back to the car we passed the Farris wheel and I just couldn’t help myself. The colors are amazing with the sun setting this is more of a close up of the Wheel most pictures you see are from a distance in this picture you can see the people in each car of the wheel and the real construction of the giant ride. Well there it is just a peek of Seattle with my family in my eyes and my zoom lens.

Farris Wheel

For my bday I have a new lens and attachments coming so stay tuned for new stuff and Winter Senior picture coming soon!!

Thanks for Reading-Lexie


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