Red Bowtie Dogs

As I live in the state of Washington we all know it rains a lot. Sometimes that is when the creative side in you has to come out. I started this blog but I do not have any up coming sessions so I needed to come up with something. Little did the dogs know (yes there is 4) they had a photo shoot right in my dining room today around 2pm. At first I was only going to pick one dog and post a story about him but why not post all 4 dogs in a bow tie they were all so good.

People always ask how you get such get great shots of your dogs. The first thing is the environment, I take pictures of them where they are comfortable. They are relaxed so when I say the word goodie magical things happens ha-ha. This was done in my dining room in front of my sliding glass door for the natural light since it was so gloomy I added the extended flash for a better light also because they would stay still. Here are the photos who is your favorite?

DexterDexter 12 Years Old Yorkie/Poodle

This old man is the first animal my husband and I ever got. We bought him from a pet store in Renton really my step-mom bought him and we paid her back. As a puppy all I remember is all the paper he shredded any paper and all paper. We took him everywhere we went I swear the first half of his life he lived in the car because he just howled at home if we left him by himself the neighbors at the time let us know of that one. He hates to get wet and is the first to bark when her hears anything. He is our only dog that needs a hair cut once we let it grow all the way to the ground bad idea. He doesn’t shed and has a great personality he is definitely my husbands dog that is for sure.

Chase Chase 8 Years Old Chihuahua/Mix

Chase we got for free from my dads cleaning lady (for his company) at the time. Her dog had puppies with a stray and we ended up getting him at 6 weeks 2 weeks to early but it was the situation at the time. My mom and sister ended up taking a puppy as well so there was 3 of us that went home with puppies. Chase was the hardest to potty train but once it clicked no problems. He is definitely my dog he is by my side as all times and has to be on your lap or under a blanket. To be honest the blanket thing is a little crazy sometimes it is the only way he will stop whining. He has to have his goodies or again the whining. Overall he is a good dog and kind of cute if you ask me oh and the bow tie was a little big but of course that is a given.

CashCash 4 years old Chihuahua/ Mix

Cash was from the first litter (out of 2) puppies that an old friend had. He originally went to her parents but as he was small he got picked on from another dog so it didn’t work out. We took him with the thoughts to give him to my mother as a friend for Q-ball (Chases sister). He was not fully potty trained so she wouldn’t take him. We kept him thinking once he is trained we will give him to my mom. Once he was trained, it was just bad timing. Well by this time he had become part of our family and started to come out of his shell so we kept him. He listens the best and is the quietest dog of the bunch. He hates collars (shock collar when young) which means to get the ears to perked up in this picture I had to say want a goodie? Which of course he got one in the end.

JudoJudo 3 Years Old Pit/Lab

Judo is actually my roommates dog. That doesn’t matter though he has become family and has lived with us for about 2 years. He is so gentle with the little dogs and he is just the monster of the house. We have to crate him almost for his own safety. The last few times we have left him out well shall we say he shredded carpet, chewed wood door frames oh and the countless blankets we have tried to put in the crate for his comfort. If he doesn’t know you better prepare yourself to be barked at by a JUDO. He takes great pictures but I am sure that is because he listens so well.

Well those are the 4 dog in this household and my go to photo subjects so don’t be surprised if you see more of them through out the winter. Myself I think Judos pictures turned out the best maybe it is the lighter colors or the staring at the camera but overall he is my favorite photo of the 4. Thanks for reading on my rainy bored day. -Lexie


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