Senior Session with Megan

I arrived at this little park in Kent and what a gem this place is. I was excited for this session as it was with my new sister in-law and her daughter that is a Senior this year. This photo session gave us all some girl time together at this super cute park at sunset. As we walked through the park we noticed a handful of other sessions going on. I think I found the secret spot.

I will say it was a blast have Rachelle there as my assistant as we kept joking that evening. She was great at giving me new ideas and helped with posing as I always seem to fumble with. Things like hair off the shoulders or don’t smile. She was just there spitting ideas off her tongue faster than I could shoot ha-ha. I will say some of her ideas came to be some of my favorites from this session.

                                    megan blog 2

Megan was a natural. Her outfits were perfect they had texture, layers and great colors. She was a fire cracker and fun to see the bond between mother and daughter. I didn’t know Megan while she was young but the young lady I was with that Saturday evening is smart, caring, and loves her mom. Sophie we didn’t forget about you the favorite doggie yup she even made it into the senior photos! Its going to be fun watching her grow as and adult and I look forward to getting to know her even more since we are family and all ha-ha!!

megan blog 5 megan blog 3             megan blog 4

megan blog 6



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