First Destination Wedding

This wedding is for sure one I will always cherish as it was the first wedding I get to travel out of state for.


Best Backyard Wedding Ever!

This day was something special to remember is for sure! Monica is one of my closest best friends. We went to different elementary schools but in 7th grade we became friends. The best thing yet was she lived across the street from me but not a normal street a very busy 4 lane road. We... Continue Reading →

Missy & Brian

These 2 I think have beat all odds! When you meet that someone and you just know you have to follow your instinct and go where your heart takes you. Missy met Brian at a Harley Davidson Conference out of state. Her first thought was long distance never works out right? These two stuck it out... Continue Reading →

Baby Alejandro III

My Best Friend had a baby!! I took her maternity photos awhile back but never blogged them not sure why but they have become some of my favorites. I took her maternity photos in her living room and her backyard. We have been friends since the 7th grade and have been through a lot together. I am so happy she got... Continue Reading →

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